Jul 5, 2008

Into the desert waste land, Part two

"YES!" Lekana said, running through the sand...and blazing heat. I felt myself begin to sweat and groaned.
"Can we find who we're looking for and just get out of here?" I asked...well, I guess it was more like complained... Lekana stopped running and looked at me.
"Now why would we wanna do that?" She asked. I glared at her and shook my head. "Fine, let's look." She said reluctantly. She pushed her toe into the sand and giggled. I raised an eyebrow at her curiously.
"It feels funny. Hehe!" She said. She got onto the ground and stared at it. Suddenly, a flame shot up and almost smacked her in the face. Lethu screadmed and jumped into my arms. I dropped him and stared at Lekana, who was staring at the fire.
"How did you-I mean you-it's-there's a-do-dwa!" I said stupidly.
"In other words...HOLY COW!!!! HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!?" Lethu explained me. (Er, whatever) Lekana shrugged.
"I just thought about fire and it appeared." She replied. I thought this over.
"You may have a mask power..." I said quietly. Lethu and Lekana looked at me, shocked. I shrugged. "It's possible."
"How come she has a mask power and I don't?!?" Lethu asked. I only replied with another shrug.
"SWEET!!!" Lekana said. She blew the fire out and beneath it was shimmering glass.
"Ooooh! It's shiny!" Lethu said, staring at it. Lekana smiled and held her hands out. Fire appeared on the sand again then went out, leaving more glass behind. I rolled my eyes and wiped my forehead with the back of my hand.
"This is gonna be a long day..." I said dissappointedly.


Reju was sitting on a large rock, carving a disk out of a smaller one. He glanced up and saw flames in the distance and sighed.
"Why do they always torch the sand?" He asked himself. He picked up a water disk and threw it towards the flames.


I turned around with my back to Lekana when I suddenly heard her scream. I spun around and heard Lethu singing.
"It's raining, it's pouring, Lekana is snoring! She went to bed and bumped her head, and NEVER GOT UP AGAIN! MWAHAHAHA!" He sang at the top of his lungs. Lekana was drenched and her fire was out. I saw a blue disk laying on the ground next to her and picked it up.
"Where did this come from?" I asked, more to myself then them. Lekana glared in the direction it came from then started stomping away.
"Where are you going?" I yelled after her.
"To give that thrower a piece of my mind!" She yelled back. Lethu and I looked at eachother then realized that if she did find who threw that...well, let's just say I wouldn't be the only hot one...We dashed off after her, trying to catch up.
Lekana rounded a hill and Lethu and I ran up it. We stopped at the top of the hill to catch our breath. Lekana was talking to a brown matoran sitting on a large rock. Lekana looked like she was getting more mad by the sentence. I ran down the hill and came inbetween the two matoran.
"Hey, break it up, you guys!" I said. Lekana glared at the brown matoran and crossed her arms over her chest.
"I'm sorry that the water hit you, I was just trying to put out the fire." The brown matoran explianed.
"You didn't have to! I had it under control!"
"You're a matoran, you can't have fire under control." Lekana put her hands up and the ground infront of the brown matoran's feet caught on fire. The brown matoran jumped back onto his rock and stared at the fire.
"How's that for 'Not under control'?" Lekana said, putting her hands down. The second she did, the fire went out. The brown matoran stared at her in amazement.
"How did you-I mean you-there's a-it's a-do-dwa!" He fumbled.
"My words exactly." I muttered.
"But you don't how easy it is to have a wildfire spread out here in these heats." The brown matoran pointed out.
"I'll have somethin' catch on fire, alright." Lekana muttered. "I have it under control! How many times must I tell you that before you get it?" She pretty much yelled.
"I'd just go with it if I were you." I whispered to him. He rolled his eyes and turned around.
"So, what's your name?" Lethu asked him.
"Reju." He replied simply enough. I thought this over and looked at him carefully.
"Were we given a name to look for?" I asked Lekana quietly.
"Nope just a face." She replied. I tried to picture it in my head but couldn't. Lekana stared at me expectatnly.
"What?" I asked, slightly annoyed. She looked away quickly and I went back to my thinking. Lekana stared at me again when I looked away from her. "WHAT?!?" I yelled, clearly losing my patience in the heat.
"Nothing, it's just that..." She began. I motioned for her to keep going, but she didn't. We stood there in silence for awhile, Lethu playing in the sand, me thinking, Reju making disks, and Lekana staring at me on and off.
"AH-HA!" I yelled finally. "You're the matoran that we've been looking for!" I said, pointing at Reju.
"It took you long enough!" Lekana said with a sigh. I gave her a puzzled look. "Dude, I knew it was him from the beginning. I can remember faces." She said.
"Then why didn't you tell me?" I asked quickly.
"Because I like the hottness here." She said with an annoying smile. I glared at her then turned back to Reju.
"We need you to help us save Karda-Nui from the Makuta." I explained.
"Okay." Reju said, standing up. I was surprised by how quickly he was willing to come, but happy at the same time.
"Cool! Or, hot!" Lethu said with a chuckle. "Now do we wait?" He asked. I nodded.
"Yep." I replied. Lekana rolled her eyes then looked around. Something caught her eye and she began running away.
"Lekana!" I yelled. "Where are you going? Come back!" She either didn't hear me, or was ignoring me, because she didn't come back, or even turn around for that matter. I sighed then looked at the other two guys with me. "Come on," I said as we began walking in the direction Lekana had sped off. Just what I need, a long walk in the scortching hot sun... I thought as we walked.


Anonymous said...

Hello, i like your story, umm but the reason i'm commenting because i saw you asked who unknown is and it was annoying how i couldn't asnwer back so i'll write here, unknown was formally someone called Xingu.

Dreamz said...

I really like the story Lego!

Yep, that sums it up pretty well. ^.^


swert said...

please make more life on karda-nui!