May 28, 2008

Into the Jungle

Well, we (Lekana and I...Kafu...not "what's-his-name") looked around us in awe. Neither of us had ever seen so It was quite amazing. The beauty, the silence-

"So, what do we do now?" Lekana suddenly broke the silence.

"We look for a green matoran. Preferably one with the name 'Lethu' Beyond that it's kinda blurry." I responded quickly. Lekana glanced around. I couldn't tell if she was shocked by the incredibly tall trees or by all the green...and lack of volcanoes.

"So, we just have to look around for a matoran?" She asked. I thought I detected a bit of anger in her voice. "Well that's just PEACHY!" She yelled, her voice scaring some birds from the nearest trees. And when I say birds, I don't mean your average chickadee. These things were HUGE. One wing was bigger than me!

"Please calm down," I tried to get Lekana to be quiet, but it didn't work.

"I DON'T WANNA CALM DOWN!!!" She screamed at me. "I CAME ON THIS STUPID SCAVENGER HUNT FOR MATORAN WITH YOU, AND OUR ONLY CLUE IS THAT HE'S GREEN?!?" I flinched as more birds began flying around.
"Um...yes..." I replied slowly. Lekana glared at me and I thought for sure that she was going to turn me into toast. Instead, she turned and walked over to a tree...then she began kicking it. She muttered something to herself, then suddenly stopped. She tilted her head to one side and concentrated. I was confused, but glad that she was quiet. Suddenly, she looked up. I followed her lead. I tried to figure out what she was looking at, but I was unsuccessful. (I was always told I had horrible eyesight.)
"Shhhh..." Lekana said over her shoulder. I looked at her, no doubt looking confused. She grabbed onto the tree and began climbing up it. I watched as she made her way up to the lowest branch (which wasn't very low) then stood up on it. (I got dizzy just watching her!) Suddenly, she jumped behind a group of leaves and I couldn't see her. the branch began to shake violently, and leaves drifted down to the ground. Just then, a green matoran fell out of the tree, screaming. He hit the ground with a thud, and the air whooshed out of him. Lekana jumped down and landed gracefully on her feet.
"Name." She said shortly. The green matoran just gasped for air...looking like a very pathetic fish out of water.
"Let him catch his breath!" I exclaimed. Lekana waited for a whole five seconds before talking.
"He's a matoran of air, he should have caught it already!" I rolled my eyes then looked down at the matoran.
"Name." Lekana repeated.
"Nunya," He replied, still sounding winded. I sighed in disappointment. "Nunya business." He finished. Lekana grabbed him and pulled him off the ground. I couldn't see her face, but I'm going to assume that it was scary.
"Name." She hissed...almost growled. The green matoran gulped.
"Lethu," He said, sounding scared. Lekana turned and smiled.
"Great, come on!" She said as she dropped him on the ground.
"Huh?" He said, then he looked at me. Lekana stood next to me and folded her arms.
"We need your help to help save Karda-Nui." I said to answer his questioning look. But it didn't go away.
"Why...?" He asked slowly.
"Because...the Great Beings told us to." I tried. His eyes went wide.
"Okay!" He jumped up and ran over to us.
"Okay, so what now, Kiemo Sabi?" Lekana asked...or snapped...maybe that's just how she asks everything.
"We wait." I replied. Cue the deep sigh from Lekana!

May 25, 2008

I am sooo much cooler than you!

I am waaaay cuter than you! I mean, just look at that mask, isn't it adorable?

This is me, Kafu. In case you were wondering what I look like. I look goooood! Waaaaay better than Lekana!

Watch it.

Watch what you say or the Great Beings Might get mad at you.....And get you......


Dude, you are toast....sooooo, so toasted you're BURNT! And no one likes burnt toast...or matoran! Good luck with the ladies now! HAHA! And now, what's-your-name, I suggest you RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!


Okay What's-Her-Name. :P





Hey! Lekana is in the house! Er...whatever...

Okay, so this is Lekana. And I'm gonna tell ya what happened after what's-his-name got me to help him.
"So...where are we going?" I asked him after we had walked a little ways from my village. He deliberately ignored the question.
"Why aren't people running out of their houses screaming?"
"HUH?!?" I asked him. That was by far the weirdest thing I had ever been asked.
"The lava's getting pretty close to some of those houses..." He said.
"Ooooooh..." I said after I got it. "Well, our houses are made of rock, so that the lava really doesn't hurt them. And the lava won't go very far into the village, so there's nothing to worry about. But if the lava did get into the village, and seeped underneath the doors, then we'd all run into that big purple building." I said, pointing to the largest hut. What's-his-name nodded. (I can't remember his real name all the time, so I'm just gonna call him that.)
"So...where are we going?" I asked again. What's-his-name looked away.
"I'm not sure..." He said. I stared at him. I was about to start screaming at him, when suddenly we were teleported. I stared around me in awe. We were in this HUMONGOUS building, with this HUGE table in the middle of it, and chairs all around it. If I had a house, it would sooo totally be like that!!! All of the chairs were occupied though...except for one. And the people in the chairs were...well, let's just go with creepy. I couldn't see there faces, cause it was all dark in there, and it was just weird. One of them began talking and it made chills go down my back...and everywhere else too.
"Congratulations," He (or she) said in a really deep voice. (Do girls even have that low of voices?) "You've succeeded in tracking down your first ally." I was getting kinda confused...but I was hanging in there. "Now you must find Lethu, a Le-toran." A picture came up of a green matoran standing on a tree branch.
"Greaaaaat..." I mumbled to myself. What's-his-name elbowed me.
"Good luck." The person said, and just like that, they were gone and green was all around us.

Well, that's all I got for now. And I probably won't post too many things like this, I'll leave it to what's-his-name...what is his name? I will come on and give ya plenty of attitude though! :P Just not very many...ya know...story thingies like this...I'll just read over what's-his-name's shoulder...hehe...OUCH! I JUST GOT PUNCHED IN THE ARM! OKAY, YOU ASKED FOR IT BUDDY! Later, I gotta go teach someone some manners. GET BACK HERE!

May 24, 2008

Cool game! Is a Bionicle game where you can play as the Toa Nuva or the evil Makuta!(I suggest the Toa) so have fun!

Really cool masks!

These masks are so cool, but they aren't my mask!

May 20, 2008


p.s. Mii Maker helped helped me with the last post

thanks mii maker!!!

Getting into Mount Keo.

As I thought how to get in I looked down at the small village below. It has about give small huts they were all pitch black with a hint of red. Then a large hut caught my eye it wasn't black or red it was purple while I was looking I thought, "Maybe if I make some dry ice I might be able to get down!" Wow sometimes I'm dumb! It melted right before my eyes, and it wasn't even a refreshing mist! Okay, I was stumped. As I pondered other ways to get into the volcano, I looked down and saw thousands of lava bubbles. But that wasn't all I saw. There was also a red matoran in there. I'm not sure what he was doing, but I decided that maybe he could help me.
"Hey!" I yelled down to him. The matoran looked up, surprised.
"What?" It yelled back.
"How do I get down there?" I asked. The matoran looked at me for a minute then replied.
"What?!?" I asked in shock. I wasn't gonna jump down there! What did he think I was, nuts? Just then, my foothold gave way. So instead of jumping, I fell. I wondered if I was supposed to die, if that's what the Great Beings had really wanted. I thought that was kinda cruel. Just as I thought I was supposed to hit the ground and smash into a billion little pieces, the matoran caught me.
"I told you to jump, not fall!" He said with a chuckle.
"Thanks," I said sheepishly as he put me down. The matoran was a red one, obviously, and about my height. There was a rock in the shape of a surfboard on the ground next to him.
"No problem. What are you doing here?" The matoran asked.
"I'm looking for a guy with the name Lekana." I replied. The matoran looked dumbfounded.
"Guy? Guy? GUY?!? GUY?!?" I jumped back as the matoran yelled at me. "I'm a girl!!!" Now I was the dumbfounded one. They hadn't told me I was gonna be with a girl.
"Um...I'm...ah..." I mumbled. Man, I felt really stupid. "Sorry..." I finally got out. Lekana sighed.
"Whatever." She huffed. "So, you found me, what do you need?" She asked quickly.
"I need you to help me on my mission to help save Karda-Nui from the Makuta." I answered after a short pause. She thought this over then picked up her rock-board.
"Sorry, I'm busy." Lekana then jumped on her board and pushed off into the lava. I stared at her as she just drifted around for awhile.
"What do you mean?" I asked finally.
"I mean, I have things to do."
"So you're too busy to pass on a mission from the Great Beings?" she stopped moving and I smiled to myself.
"What makes them so great anyway?" She asked to herself more than me. My jaw dropped open. How could she say that?
"Please come with me!" I turned to begging, maybe that would work on her. Suddenly, the volcano began to shake.
"Here's trouble," Lekana murmured. "FIRE IN THE HOLE!" She yelled, then she surfed over and grabbed me onto her board.
"What are you doing?" I asked her as she brought me out to the very middle of the lava.
"Picking daisies! What does it look like I'm doing?" She yelled above the roar of the volcano. "Hold on tight, buddy!" She yelled, so I did. And just then, the volcano erupted with a rumble and a roar. I held onto Lekana for dear life as we shot upward. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to remember to breathe. Suddenly, I felt us falling. I opened my eyes and looked around. We were plummeting! We hit the earth with a thud and I glanced around to see who had let out that girlish scream...then I realized it was me. Lekana chuckled.
"Relax! I don't usually wipe out till the bottom!" She laughed maniacally and I wondered how safe I was...I figured not very. We went over what felt like a thousand bumps and hills, and I thought I might just lose my insides. Finally, I saw the bottom of the volcano insight.
"I usually wipe out after this next hill," Lekana told me calmly. "But today I'm going for a record! See that little guy down there?" She pointed and I wanted to yell at her to be careful. (I'm an ice matoran, remember? Me+lava=REALLY BAD!!!) "He's gonna tell me if I beat the record...or even my record." She smiled and I thought she was insane. We were getting to the nearer to the bottom and I was getting nearer to fainting. Suddenly, we shot out over a cliff.
"I thought you said this was a hill!" I exclaimed as we flew through the air.
"Hill, cliff, same diff." Lekana laughed. "Oh, by the way, this is where I usually wipe out." She called over her shoulder. I clung to her as the ground came closer, and closer, and closer. We hit the ground with a jostling thud, and I was relieved that she hadn't wiped out yet. The lava under the board still freaked me out, but so far, we were okay.
"Wow! I made it!" Lekana said happily. "Now we have a new problem. I've never stopped without falling before." She said. I felt a scream escape my body as we made our was to the very bottom of the volcano. We sped past the little matoran waiting for us and crashed into a hut.
"That was totally awesome!" Lekana yelled as she peeled herself off the outside of the building. She ran over to the little matoran and looked at him eagerly. I, on the other hand, tried to avoid the lava seeping around the base of the volcano. I gingerly stepped over to Lekana, who was now smiling brightly.
"I DID IT!! I BROKE THE RECORD!" She screamed in my ears.
"That's very nice, but now I need you to help me." I said quietly. She stopped doing her little victory dance and stared at me.
"Okay." She said after a pause.
"Really?" I asked in shock.
"Sure! I mean, I can always come back, right?"
"Suuuuure..." I said slowly. "If we survive." I finished in a whisper she didn't hear.
"Okay then, let's get moving!" She exclaimed. And so we were off.

May 19, 2008

Into Mount Keo

As I struggled up the pitch black mountain I had many problems on the way One: My foot holds were giving way.Two: Flying white hot rocks.Three: The Blood red,boiling lava.And four: I'M AN ICE MATORAN!!!!!. So you see my problems.As soon as I reached the top of the mountain I realized I had another problem getting down into it...


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notes of Karda-Nui

May 18, 2008

First of Ta-Keo

After I left the the council of the Great Beings(I was teleported to and from there)I arived in Ta-Keo(the fire village in Keo-Koro)right in front of Mount Keo. As I took my first glance at it I had a mixed emotions of fear and the fealing that made me want to barf. Once the Great Beings tell you do some thing you do it no questions or else. Okay back to Mount Keo it was all ready spitting out blood red lava and white hot rocks. I just knew that I had to go in it....


Hello my name is Kafu I'm a ko-toran (white). One day I was called into the council of the Great Beings. They told me about the threat of the Makuta in Karda-Nui. they thold me that I needed to find six specal matoran.They warned me about the situation that I would be in. The danger level from one to ten is twenty. with that on my mind I left to find the first Matoran.

the life of Matoran

this blog is the life of seven Matoran.But I'll let them tell you about their adventures......