May 25, 2008

Hey! Lekana is in the house! Er...whatever...

Okay, so this is Lekana. And I'm gonna tell ya what happened after what's-his-name got me to help him.
"So...where are we going?" I asked him after we had walked a little ways from my village. He deliberately ignored the question.
"Why aren't people running out of their houses screaming?"
"HUH?!?" I asked him. That was by far the weirdest thing I had ever been asked.
"The lava's getting pretty close to some of those houses..." He said.
"Ooooooh..." I said after I got it. "Well, our houses are made of rock, so that the lava really doesn't hurt them. And the lava won't go very far into the village, so there's nothing to worry about. But if the lava did get into the village, and seeped underneath the doors, then we'd all run into that big purple building." I said, pointing to the largest hut. What's-his-name nodded. (I can't remember his real name all the time, so I'm just gonna call him that.)
"So...where are we going?" I asked again. What's-his-name looked away.
"I'm not sure..." He said. I stared at him. I was about to start screaming at him, when suddenly we were teleported. I stared around me in awe. We were in this HUMONGOUS building, with this HUGE table in the middle of it, and chairs all around it. If I had a house, it would sooo totally be like that!!! All of the chairs were occupied though...except for one. And the people in the chairs were...well, let's just go with creepy. I couldn't see there faces, cause it was all dark in there, and it was just weird. One of them began talking and it made chills go down my back...and everywhere else too.
"Congratulations," He (or she) said in a really deep voice. (Do girls even have that low of voices?) "You've succeeded in tracking down your first ally." I was getting kinda confused...but I was hanging in there. "Now you must find Lethu, a Le-toran." A picture came up of a green matoran standing on a tree branch.
"Greaaaaat..." I mumbled to myself. What's-his-name elbowed me.
"Good luck." The person said, and just like that, they were gone and green was all around us.

Well, that's all I got for now. And I probably won't post too many things like this, I'll leave it to what's-his-name...what is his name? I will come on and give ya plenty of attitude though! :P Just not very many...ya know...story thingies like this...I'll just read over what's-his-name's shoulder...hehe...OUCH! I JUST GOT PUNCHED IN THE ARM! OKAY, YOU ASKED FOR IT BUDDY! Later, I gotta go teach someone some manners. GET BACK HERE!

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