May 28, 2008

Into the Jungle

Well, we (Lekana and I...Kafu...not "what's-his-name") looked around us in awe. Neither of us had ever seen so It was quite amazing. The beauty, the silence-

"So, what do we do now?" Lekana suddenly broke the silence.

"We look for a green matoran. Preferably one with the name 'Lethu' Beyond that it's kinda blurry." I responded quickly. Lekana glanced around. I couldn't tell if she was shocked by the incredibly tall trees or by all the green...and lack of volcanoes.

"So, we just have to look around for a matoran?" She asked. I thought I detected a bit of anger in her voice. "Well that's just PEACHY!" She yelled, her voice scaring some birds from the nearest trees. And when I say birds, I don't mean your average chickadee. These things were HUGE. One wing was bigger than me!

"Please calm down," I tried to get Lekana to be quiet, but it didn't work.

"I DON'T WANNA CALM DOWN!!!" She screamed at me. "I CAME ON THIS STUPID SCAVENGER HUNT FOR MATORAN WITH YOU, AND OUR ONLY CLUE IS THAT HE'S GREEN?!?" I flinched as more birds began flying around.
"Um...yes..." I replied slowly. Lekana glared at me and I thought for sure that she was going to turn me into toast. Instead, she turned and walked over to a tree...then she began kicking it. She muttered something to herself, then suddenly stopped. She tilted her head to one side and concentrated. I was confused, but glad that she was quiet. Suddenly, she looked up. I followed her lead. I tried to figure out what she was looking at, but I was unsuccessful. (I was always told I had horrible eyesight.)
"Shhhh..." Lekana said over her shoulder. I looked at her, no doubt looking confused. She grabbed onto the tree and began climbing up it. I watched as she made her way up to the lowest branch (which wasn't very low) then stood up on it. (I got dizzy just watching her!) Suddenly, she jumped behind a group of leaves and I couldn't see her. the branch began to shake violently, and leaves drifted down to the ground. Just then, a green matoran fell out of the tree, screaming. He hit the ground with a thud, and the air whooshed out of him. Lekana jumped down and landed gracefully on her feet.
"Name." She said shortly. The green matoran just gasped for air...looking like a very pathetic fish out of water.
"Let him catch his breath!" I exclaimed. Lekana waited for a whole five seconds before talking.
"He's a matoran of air, he should have caught it already!" I rolled my eyes then looked down at the matoran.
"Name." Lekana repeated.
"Nunya," He replied, still sounding winded. I sighed in disappointment. "Nunya business." He finished. Lekana grabbed him and pulled him off the ground. I couldn't see her face, but I'm going to assume that it was scary.
"Name." She hissed...almost growled. The green matoran gulped.
"Lethu," He said, sounding scared. Lekana turned and smiled.
"Great, come on!" She said as she dropped him on the ground.
"Huh?" He said, then he looked at me. Lekana stood next to me and folded her arms.
"We need your help to help save Karda-Nui." I said to answer his questioning look. But it didn't go away.
"Why...?" He asked slowly.
"Because...the Great Beings told us to." I tried. His eyes went wide.
"Okay!" He jumped up and ran over to us.
"Okay, so what now, Kiemo Sabi?" Lekana asked...or snapped...maybe that's just how she asks everything.
"We wait." I replied. Cue the deep sigh from Lekana!

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