Jun 23, 2008

Into the desert waste land.

As we were waiting for the Great Beings to teleport us to them Lethu was bouncing with excitement...No,I mean it, he was really bouncing a few feet in the air.
"We get to go on an adventure!" Lethu sang over and over. I saw Lekana rub her temples.
"Why me?" She squeaked. I chuckled at the two of them. Just as I finished my little laugh, we were teleported. We all looked around at the large room, exactly the same as before. We still couldn't make out what any of them looked like, though, and I also noticed that there were two empty seats.
I was about to ask them what we were going to do next when Lekana asked for me. "So, wassup?" She asked semi-rudely. I'm sure I blushed.
"Lekana!" I hissed. She looked at me with an expression that said "What?" I sighed and rubbed my forehead.
"We need you to find this matoran now." One of the Great Beings said to us, obviously not wavered by Lekana's question. A picture of a brown matoran appeared on the large screen hovering over the table. He was in a desert, it looked like. (Well, with all the SAND and all...)
"Sweet! We get to go someplace scorching hot!" Lekana exclaimed. I held back a groan. I'm an ice matoran, remember? Me and hot do not mix well. (No, I won't melt, I'll just be very uncomfortable.)
Well then, get to it." The Great Being said. And we were teleported once again to a scorching hot desert.


RaeOfShadows said...

Glad you can't melt!
Nice job, keep it up.

Dreamz said...


Same as Rae said ^.^

Anonymous said...

Lol,poor him